Engineering Influence for Enterprise
We will help you Onboard new engineers and develop a Leadership Pipeline to help your business grow

Using next-generation training elements that are interactive and inspiring, we tailor new hire onboarding and leadership development to the needs of your team. We help your engineers develop purposeful career paths that are aligned with the vision of the company they work for and get them started on the right foot in less than 90 days and grow them into Influential Team Leaders, as your company grows, creating a robust and scalable leadership pipeline.

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WINsulting is tomorrow's training company for today's engineering and technology companies.


We help organizations develop their people into influencing leaders who can mobilize the people around them that achieve results.

Our unique approach helps them develop purposeful career paths that are aligned with the vision of the company they work for. They need Next-Generation training that is interactive, inspiring, and tailored to their needs. 

Our mission is to be a trusted and valued source of leadership development worldwide. 

Looking Out of a Skyscaper

Coach EdWIN




Coach EdWIN found his passion through mentoring. He helps engineers remove uncertainty and self-doubt quickly, so that they can become powerful, WINning influencers who can mobilize and inspire the people around them into solving some of the world's most complex problems, even if they have no leadership experience. 

If you have been nominated by a leader of yours OR you are doing this for yourself, Coach EdWIN only accepts clients who are 100% dedicated to improving in all areas of their leadership journey. 

Got an idea or a small team ready for your first round of funding? Need to hire more people to grow your business?

Coach EdWIN is a founder himself and has experience growing and training teams from Fortune 100 companies to Start-Ups. He will personally help you and your leadership team develop the skills and systems necessary to grow a sustainable organization.

We are accepting applications to our incubator now! You will have access to everything WINsulting has to offer and our extensive network of executives and leaders want to help be a positive change agent for the world.