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Engineering Influence for Enterprise

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that engineering teams face, and we offer a comprehensive approach to leadership development and team building that is tailored to the specific needs of engineering organizations.


In order to deliver effective training that sticks, Training needs to deliver great content, repetition, role-play (practice), and accountability.


Our content draws upon the teachings of John C. Maxwell, Simon Sinek, and Les McKeown, as well as real-life experiences and stories from clients. We use Next-Gen Technology, personal and group coaching, and LIVE training programs that focus on instilling practical leadership skills, and team dynamics analysis, that help engineers continuously learn and practice the fundamentals of leadership.


WINsulting's goal is to help engineering teams achieve new levels of excellence and success by cultivating a culture of leadership and innovation. By providing engineers the tools and knowledge to understand themselves and effectively communicate with each other, we help teams unleash the power of collaboration and teamwork that can solve the world's problems.

Our Current Offer

Your Next-Generation Leadership Development Pipeline

Your Next-Generation New Hire Onboarding Training System

W.ork on Leading Yourself First
I.dentify Your Leadership Style
N.EXT Leadership Move

Your Next-Generation Training System

WINning Leadership Development Program

First 30 Day Plan
60 Day Plan
90 Day Plan
1 Year Plan
5 Year Plan


WINning Onboarding for New Hires

Your Team and Company's Vision, Culture, and Processes

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"Everything rises and falls based on leadership."

- John C. Maxwell

#1 Leadership and Management Expert

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