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"Become the leader you always wish you had."

Coach EdWIN has +17 years of leadership development and new member onboarding experience. His unique approach and experience in Fortune 100 companies, International Organizations, and Start-Ups have positioned him to help any engineering organization onboard new hires and develop sustainable leadership pipelines in the engineering and technical field. 

His leadership journey began in the Boy Scouts of America, where he received the highest rank of Eagle Scout at the age of 16. 

He received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Mexico and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University. 

His first engineering-related job was as a machinist's assistant building prototypes for Los Alamos National Laboratory, Where design engineering and manufacturing engineering collide. He got to see firsthand that if the product is not manufacturable, it stays on the drawing board. Having a design and expecting it to be built to spec, takes an enormous amount of communication and collaboration. 


He then went on to work for Los Alamos National Laboratory understanding how the HVAC system is designed and maintained for supercomputers. Here he further developed the art of collaboration and communication between engineering and operations. It is important to have leaders who understand both sides and can effectively build teams with different minds and skill sets in order to achieve lofty goals and results.  

Once graduating with his advanced degree in mechanical engineering, he worked for Cisco Systems for 9 years. He released more than 30 products from conceptual design thru to mass production. He became the lead senior mechanical engineer within Supply Chain and oversaw the conformance and governance of Cisco's Product Lifecycle Management Processes. He also started to move several business units into Industry 4.0 through Model-Based Definition.

While he was at Cisco, he helped mentor many new hires to build stable foundations for their careers. He helped establish a 30-60-90 day training plan for new hire engineers, along with their managers, to make sure expectations were set and their careers were started on the right foot.

He left Cisco to join a small start-up as Manufacturing Engineering Manager. He quickly found how polarizing a start-up is compared to a well-established Fortune 100 company. He wore many hats and found his leadership persona. As with many start-ups, it did not survive. With more time on his hands and some time to think....

WINsulting was born. 

WINsulting started out as a seed from a book his leadership mentor recommended to him: "Trillion Dollar Coach." His second life had begun. After many life experiences, books, growth and time, WINsulting has gained momentum. 

WINsulting aims to help engineering and technology companies develop new hire onboarding programs that help the engineers in these organizations develop purposeful career paths that align with the companies they work for. Through his unique, next-gen approach to onboarding, he further delivers a sustainable leadership pipeline that scales as the company grows. By instilling leadership fundamentals and values early on, companies that he has helped, now have a unique, next-generation, onboarding system that is interactive and inspirational that turns their engineers into influential leaders who grow as the company scales, creating a sustainable leadership pipeline. 

WINsulting and Coach EdWIN are here to help you onboard new employees and develop them into influential leaders who will grow and help you scale your company. 


  • Eagle Scout

  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering - Arizona State University

  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering - University of New Mexico

  • Certified Coach - Evercoach by Mindvalley

  • DISC Certified - The John Maxwell Leadership Team


  • 10 years of Professional Engineering Experience

  • Experience in a Government Laboratory

  • Experience in a Fortune 500 Company

  • Experience in a Small Start-Up

  • Founded 3 Start-Ups

  • 10 years of Mentoring and being Mentored

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