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The Engineering Leadership Accelerator

Planning Session

  • 1 h
  • San Francisco

Service Description

Take charge of your career growth, whether you're an engineer, manager, or executive. Overcome the challenge of being overlooked and invest in your leadership development to get promoted, increase your impact, and achieve the respect you deserve. Discover our tailored programs designed to help you build influence, inspire others, and reach your highest potential. Services Included: 1. Engineering Mastermind Groups (Valued at $250): Unlock your full potential with a 6-8 week, structured, and results-driven mastermind group. Collaborate and grow with like-minded engineering professionals to achieve impressive results and make a greater impact in your field. 2. Full-Day Engaging Public Workshop (Valued at $550): Participate in a full-day, interactive workshop designed to build your engineering leadership skills, enhance your knowledge, and boost your career growth. 3. 6-Month Access to Continuity Program (Valued at $250): Elevate your leadership journey with a 6-month virtual course combining expert instruction, practical exercises, and real-world case studies to help you develop your leadership skills and boost your career. 4. Personalized Coaching - Individual (6-month contract) (Valued at $3,000): Unlock your leadership potential with 30min per week of tailored coaching sessions designed to help you overcome obstacles, develop your leadership abilities, and reach your full potential as an engineering leader. 5. DISC Assessment & Debrief (Valued at $250): Understand your leadership style by completing a DISC assessment and receiving a debrief to better understand your results. - Bonus: Access to a members-only online community for networking and support (priceless) Total value: $4,300 Process: 1. Meet Your Coach 2. Schedule Weekly Coaching Sessions 3. DISC Assessment 4. DISC Assessment Debrief 5. Goal Setting 6. Pick Your Continuity Program 7. Sign Up For Mastermind Groups 8. Join Members-Only Community

Contact Details

  • San Francisco, CA, USA

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