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WINning Leadership Development System


1 Year Subscription

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Are you looking to transform your engineers into power-packed leadership superstars?

Look no further than WINsulting and Lightspeed VT's Winning Leadership Development System - the ultimate solution for engineering and technology organizations seeking to level up in the field of leadership.

We provide interactive, engaging, custom-designed training content via Lightspeed VT such as video lectures, simulations and tests. This innovative platform will feature teachings from top notch leadership experts like John Maxwell, Les McKeown, Simon Sinek and Jim Rohn. Our system has been designed specifically to provide engineers with the knowledge to ascend to the heights of peak performance when it comes to productive leadership.

But that's not all our system offers. We've added powerful analytics so you can track employee progress and engagement levels throughout any given program. This way employers can easily measure the effectiveness of their staff training initiatives.

So don't wait! Sign up today with our Winning Leadership Development System and give your engineers a competitive edge they won't get anywhere else!

This is a $29,997/year subscription.


Note: The lectures and fundamentals in our LIVE Seminars are available here 24/7

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