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Take charge of your career growth, whether you're an intern, engineer, manager, or executive. Overcome the challenge of being overlooked and invest in your leadership development to get promoted, increase your impact, and achieve the respect you deserve. Discover our tailored programs designed to help you build influence, inspire others, and reach your highest potential.

Excel as an engineering manager, guiding your team to success while unlocking their potential. Tackle the common pain point of balancing technical expertise with people management, and enhance your leadership skills to get promoted, inspire your team, and make a lasting impact. Explore our programs that help you develop strong relationships, foster collaboration, and effectively manage team performance.

Drive innovation and strategic growth as an engineering director or VP, with the goal of reaching the C-suite. Overcome the challenge of aligning multiple teams and priorities, and master advanced leadership skills to inspire and empower teams across your organization. Learn how to create a compelling vision, foster a culture of innovation, and successfully navigate organizational complexities.

As a CTO, harness the power of exceptional leadership to create a lasting legacy. Address the critical pain point of a leadership pipeline, and organizational alignment, and shape the future of your organization by cultivating teams that execute, innovate, and collaborate effectively. Discover our bespoke programs designed to enhance your executive leadership, maximize your organization's potential, and elevate your impact at the highest level.

Elevate your engineering talent with WINsulting, where WINning Leadership Development meets your team's unique needs. Founded by Edwin Williams, an experienced engineer and a certified member of the prestigious John Maxwell Leadership Team, our mission is to transform engineers and technology professionals into confident and effective leaders, addressing challenges like self-doubt, ineffective communication, and lack of team cohesion.


Drawing from the wisdom and proven strategies of John Maxwell's world-renowned leadership principles, we tailor our comprehensive suite of services, including interactive workshops, personalized coaching, and immersive seminars, to empower individuals and teams to become the WINning leaders their organizations need.


Discover the WINsulting advantage as we partner with you to unlock your team's full potential and secure a competitive edge for your organization.


With WINsulting, leadership isn't just about position – it's a WINning strategy that leads to a lasting legacy.

Remember, Everything Rises and Falls Based on Leadership.

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